So, you know you’re in the market for quality website design in Surrey, but have heard that before you can shop around you’ll need to decide if you want a template or bespoke site and you’re not quite sure where to begin – this is where Thunderbolt Digital comes in! We’re experts when it comes to all things digital, including websites of all varieties, so better than to ask for an unbiased view?

First Things First

Just in case you weren’t sure, the names themselves are pretty self explanatory: template websites are simply templates that your purchase and edit yourself – you can even leave template websites almost exactly as you find them, though most users will want to customise templates in order to get the optimum experience. Bespoke websites, on the other hand, are tailored towards you and the specifications of your business and are built from scratch by a team of designers and developers who you can check in with every step of the way. So, now that we know what we’re dealing with, what are the reasons for choosing each type?

Template Websites


  1. Cheaper
  2. Faster
  3. Proven functionality
  4. Can learn to customise these yourself
  5. Can edit whenever you want
  6. What you see is what you get


  1. Limited customisation
  2. May not fit brand identity
  3. Some templates include outdated code
  4. More difficult to expand site
  5. Website may appear bland and generic
  6. Possible to customise template sites badly
  7. Online-purchased templates include no support

Bespoke Websites


  1. Better quality and higher expectations
  2. More control
  3. Broader customisation options
  4. Can be designed around brand identity
  5. Unique design
  6. Special features
  7. Better for SEO and load times
  8. Easier to expand and change site as required
  9. Always supported by design and development team


  1. Costly
  2. More likely to encounter bugs
  3. Far longer to launch than templates
  4. Time consuming (from frequent meetings with design and development teams)

Which should you choose?

Every business has different needs and goals, so ultimately you need to make a choice based on what bests suits your business. However, in broader terms, those who are pushed for time and money are generally advised to go with template websites, while those with the means looking for a better overall experience will want to hire a web agency to design and create a bespoke website for them.

Still having trouble deciding what type of website design in Surrey you’ll need? No fear – talk to the experts at Thunderbolt Digital and we can help you make the best decision for your business. Arrange a meeting today by calling 01252 413 757 or or emailing us at!