As the team responsible for some of the best web design in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital know a lot when it comes to developing websites – how they should look, how they should function, and what your target audience wants to interact with. We also know a lot about what users don’t want to see on websites their visit, and how certain “features” can be driving them away, such as…


Aggressive Pop Ups

The occasional pop up message that activates when accessing a certain page on your site can serve as a good call to action, and can help massively with customer retention. However, a pop up that displays on every page of your site gets very tiresome very quickly and is more likely to drive potential customers away than entice them to stay – after all, if they didn’t engage with it the first time, why would they the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more? Remember that pop ups technically add a barrier between your customers and your site, and it may be one they are not willing to break through time and time again.


Autoplaying Elements

Incorporating video in web design is becoming increasingly popular among companies, and in itself can be a bold and effective choice. However, an issue usually arises when the video autoplays… with sound. Most consumers looking for web design in Surrey will not mind an autoplaying video they can scroll past, but many users find autoplaying music (or sound) to be completely jarring, whether or not it’s attached to a video. In fact, such a thing can be so irritating to some that they’ll immediately click away from your website and will be reluctant to return again. Avoid this problem by ensuring any sound on your site is activated by user interaction.


Missing and Deleted Content

Sometimes you’ll receive visitors in the form of direct traffic who will have come to your site following a specific link and are expecting to see a specific thing – which may cause something of a problem when that content no longer exists. Of course, you don’t have to keep everything up on your website until the end of time, and if you have an e-commerce site, then your stock is likely to change over time, so sometimes this is inevitable. However, in cases where links are broken because they have been changed, you’ll want to set up internal redirects to ensure that your audience find what they’re looking for. Of course, if the content they’re after is truly gone, then make sure you have an appealing 404 error page to soften the blow.


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