As a company at the forefront of laravel development in Surrey, Thunderbolt knows a thing or two when it comes to successful websites. After all, we’ve designed and developed many over the years for our various clients and have even won awards for them. But, back to basics. What three things does every website need to be to ensure success? The answer may be simpler than you first thought!



Your website needs to be as accurate with information as possible, including basic things like your contact details, as well as pricing and available products and services.

A key part of accuracy is also keeping things up to date, which means any expired discount codes or products that are no longer in stock should be removed from your site as soon as possible; aside from potentially misleading customers and attracting their ire, having out of date information on your site can make it appear that your company is no longer active, causing potential customers to back out and choose another site instead!

This includes blogs, so if you haven’t updated your since 2016, it’s good to either start making short posts again to keep active, or to post a message of inactivity assuring patrons that your company is still active.


Easy to Navigate

How can you expect anyone to contact or purchase from you if they cannot find their way to your contact form? Or find information about the product or service they want? Flashy sites that provide an experience can work very well in  the right context, but ease of access should be the priority. After all, your website could be the best looking in the world, but if customers cannot use it, then they will still leave without buying anything!


Optimised for…

Websites need to be optimised. Optimised for what, you may wonder. Well, there are multiple answers! Your site should be optimised for both web and mobile browsing, optimised for search engines to appear on results pages, and optimised for conversions through the use of appropriate CTAs (calls to action).


Need a company you can trust to handle laravel development in Surrey, or maybe digital marketing, or SEO? Look no further than Thunderbolt Digital! Our team will work with you to create a website that matches your brand perfectly, and helps you attract the attention online you deserve. Call today on 01252 413 757 to find out what we can do for you, or, if you’d prefer, email us at