Here at Thunderbolt digital web design Surrey, we love all things Christmas, so when it comes to the inundation of Christmas adverts, we can’t contain our excitement. Whether they are heart-warming or tear jerking, new or old, they never fail to impress. This year, we’ve comprised a list of our favourite 3, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

This year’s Marks and Spencer advert was absolutely delightful, achieving the perfect balance between humour and emotion. In the advert, after Mrs Claus waves her husband off on Christmas Eve, a letter arrives from a 6-year-old boy who desperately wants to replace his sister’s colourful trainers after he ruined them. There are many delightful elements to this add, such as Mrs Claus’s secret lair, her helicopter and her appreciation of two mince pies shortly after telling her husband off for eating them.

John Lewis broke their pattern this year, and gave us a light-hearted and humorous advert ( a definite contrast to previous years tearjerkers!). A father has put together a large trampoline for his daughter overnight on Christmas Eve. Once he goes inside, a group of animals including a badger and a fox find their way onto the trampoline, bouncing away. While all the is happening, the family dog watches from inside, whimpering with jealousy. In the morning, when the daughter comes outside and sees the trampoline, the dog runs ahead of her and starts jumping. Its light-hearted spin on the typical tearjerker advert is a fresh concept from John Lewis- and we love it!

The Sainsbury’s Christmas advert really hit a sweet spot this year as it was in the style of claymation, reminding us all of the traditional Wallace and Gromit viewings leading up to Christmas. The advert satirises the problems with Christmas (delayed trains, long queues, unsocial working hours) and shows us life from the perspective of a family man who doesn’t have time to be at home over Christmas. His solution was to build “clones” of himself (toys dressed up like him) to replace him in queues and at work so he can spend time with his family. The whole advert was sung by James Corden and is a welcome throwback to old Aardman films.

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