Parallax web designs have been a popular trend throughout 2014, and 2015 looks no different. Here we have taken a look at some of the leading websites using parallax scrolling.

Sam Smith

What impresses us is Sam Smith’s timeline page on his website. We can easily scroll through the months and the dates which have been important in the star’s rise since late 2012. In this time we have seen him scoop four gongs at the Grammy Awards in early 2015. The website’s design makes it easy to learn about his history, watch videos and share the moments that have seen him rise so far, so quickly.

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Rimmel London

The beauty brand has an exciting parallax scroll which is generating a real buzz. Kate Moss, the recognised face of the brand in the UK, stands out on the home page. While going down the page, we see a number of different collections by Rimmel, and a variety of faces and pictures. In doing so, you see the products excitingly scroll at a different rate to the page, really making it catch your eye.

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Nintendo Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been a popular game on the Nintendo Wii for years. The support website takes us around all things Mario Kart along a track similar to the game. We can watch highlights, look through the history and browse other popular forms of the game which really sells the game along with the Nintendo Wii.

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Costa Coffee

It may just be a coffee brand but Costa really enhances its reputation as The Nation’s Favourite Coffee by creating a fun webpage. From History to Fair-trade to the roasting process this brand is anything but boring. Insightful, thoughtful and exciting are ways that we would explain Costa’s website.

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Royal British Legion

The British Legion Poppy Appeal really shows off their first class website design for the good cause of the poppy appeal. Scrolling through you can see what your money is put towards. The hope of gaining more for their charity is a reasonable expectation and an attractive web design like this makes this possible.

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The music streaming site uses parallax for customers to see how they can use their service and how ease of doing so. With parts of the page moving faster than others, they join other websites in using this inventive design to attract more customers.

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NASA Prospect

The NASA Prospect website takes the user on a travel through space. We pass all the planets in an interactive story of planet prospectors. The website was shortlisted by the Favourite Website Awards (FWA) in 2013.

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Intacto was a winner of Site of the Day at FWA and have received many awards for their stunning descriptions and story of flat design against realism.

Lexus LS Asia

This website shows the DNA that makes the Lexus a successful car and website. A smooth scroll of the website works just like the smooth car we imagine. Everything appears to link up and a high quality designed website we hope portrays a high-quality car.

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The moving motions and pictures of the Parklife website show them as an exciting festival. The experiences you get from the website’s design are portrayed as dreamy and out of this world. These experiences appeal to all festival goers.

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