Landing pages are a fantastic tool to use for lead generation, and our digital marketing team at Thunderbolt Digital want to share with you their top tips for creating landing pages that draw in potential leads.

Before we dive into our designer’s, developer’s, and marketer’s top tips, let’s look into what lead generation is, and what landing pages are.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of generating potential consumers’ interest in your products or service. It’s an excellent way of not only reaching new customers but also understanding what they are after, and driving them to your website or a form.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone pages created purely to convert more traffic and in turn, increase conversions. Landing pages are usually reached by customers by clicking on a link on social media, via an email, or by scanning a QR code (a great idea is to put these on posters and business cards!). A landing page is a great place to collect contact details from your potential customers such as names, numbers, and emails. This means you can add them to email lists for future contact about deals they may be interested in.

Let’s look into our web designer’s, developer’s, and marketer’s top tips for creating a landing page for perfect for increased lead generation:

Create Clear Calls to Action

Clear calls to action are arguably the most important part of a landing page (or any other page of a website). Calls to action are usually at the bottom of the text on a page, however, with a landing page, you want to drive customers straight to their next step insuring minimal time scrolling to find out where they’re going next. They can include asking for a phone call or email, filling in a form for contact or subscription, buying the product, creating a reservation, or signing up for a service. Due to increasingly quick attention spans, our web designers suggest ensuring calls to action are clearly stated so your customers don’t close the tab if the next step isn’t shown clearly enough.

Clear but Eye Catching Design

Creating impactful landing pages to generate more leads means honing in on your design. The design should include your brand colours and fonts for cohesion, but it is worth bearing in mind what the colours you use drives your customer to do. For example, the colour red grabs attention and is now often associated with sales. Blue makes the company come across as trustworthy, green is associated with being environmentally friendly and healthy, and yellow grabs attention while showing confidence.

Copy Is Important

Not only should your colours work for your goal, but your text should too. Landing pages are not the place to put a large amount of text. Ensure the text that is there is clear and compelling for the customer and make the words you want them to read first stand out. Make the customer feel engaged and heard. If your customer has clicked on your landing page to sign up to an email list, make sure an email subscription form is the first thing they see an option for. A good rule of thumb is to keep the important information above the fold (the part of a website that is visible before scrolling).

SEO Still Counts

Even if most of your customers come through social media or email links, landing pages can still be ranked on Google meaning SEO ( is important. Our marketers would advise you to not leave the optimisation behind when working on your website’s copy. There may not be a lot of text to play around with, therefore make use of alt texts and titles.

Utilise Visual Aids

It may be difficult to put all of the information you would like above the fold. Therefore, visual aids such as directional cues (arrows and shapes) are a great option. These can easily point your customers to the next part of the page where you may hold more information, images, or a video should the landing page require it.

Optimisation is Key

As we mentioned previously, attention spans are now quicker than ever. If your landing page isn’t optimised for mobile, where many of your customers may now be reaching it are coming from, the likelihood is they’ll click straight off. If you want to boost your lead generation from the landing pages you create, it’s wise to prioritise optimisation.

Personalise The Experience

Creating one landing page might not be enough to reach all those you would like to. If you target more than one customer base, it’s wise to create tailored pages for each demographic. Our marketers suggest looking through Google Analytics (and heading into the Demographics tab) to see more clearly who is buying your product or service, or who is browsing but not buying (can you create something that they’re looking for?). This means you can tailor not only the design but the content to specific customers.

Keep It Simple

This goes for not only the design and the information you give but the questions you ask too. If you’re looking to attain customer’s emails, avoid asking too many other questions along with it (unless vital). People aren’t likely to give over lots of information about themselves in one go, especially if they’re new to your brand.

Gain Trust

If you’re looking to get more information from a customer than just an email, you may need to build trust beforehand. This can stretch further than a landing page such as building a good brand image on social media, but a quick way to show customers they can trust you is with testimonials. Again, these can be chosen and tailored for each landing page, but it’s an important part of building trust and showing authenticity. Showing what satisfied customers said and feel like after using your product or service can be all the guidance new customers need to make a decision, so ensure these are shown clearly.

Say Thank You

A thank you page is a page your customer lands on after filling in the details you had asked for. It gives you a chance to show your lead more content; for example showing them a similar product, service, or piece of information. It also begins to build a customer relationship, which works well for future business.

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