Every single year new design trends come and go without fail. Our agency for web design Surrey has seen a lot of fluctuating colours, fonts and design layouts over the years, and whilst some things never change, other aspects are constantly going in and out of cycle. Whilst it is still up to debate what 2022 will bring, our careful watching of trends and patterns each year has led us to believe that these will be the hot trends for 2022;


Horizontal Scrolling


We are all familiar with the concept of vertical scrolling, however, have you thought about adding horizontal scrolling aspects to your website? If you want to add a bit more dimension and create a fun and unique user experience, utilising horizontal scrolling can be a great way to display images, facts or information in an eye catching and engaging way. 




You should be telling a story for your customers as they scroll through your site. Widely known as ‘scrollytelling’, this can help break up long pieces of content and make it more manageable. The key component of this having pieces of content disappear and appear as you scroll, revealing new things to the user. This could be as simple as an image sliding on screen, or as complex as a full animation as you scroll.  You can even add audio to make the experience even more interactive.


Colour Trends


We will be sure to see a variety of colour trends this coming year. Gone is the grayscale phase that has trailed out, 2022 is a time of colour. There are two prominent themes that we think will arise, these are muted tones and even more vibrancy. These two seem like opposites but they both exist for a similar purpose – creating a happy, caring environment for the consumer. 2021 was a hard year for many, and now businesses should be focusing on the positivity of the new year and all the good things to come.


Animation With Typography


Seen everywhere from commercials to Ads to music videos, animated typography is becoming more and more popular. Animated text can help set the tone and make the website more engaging for the user, as well as being much more impactful and helping your consumer retain the information. For more information on animation visit our ‘Is Animation On The Rise?’ blog here.


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