Farnham is a gorgeous market town nestled in Surrey. There are large and small businesses alike competing to stand out in such an iconic space. At Thunderbolt, an SEO agency in Farnham, we understand the unique dynamics of the local area’s business environment.

Our advanced SEO techniques are tailored to help your business not just compete but thrive. In this blog, we will share what advanced SEO strategies we use to transform businesses in Farnham and beyond.

Before we dive into our favorite techniques, we want to share with you the first steps; understanding the Farnham market and comprehensive keyword research:

Understanding the Farnham Market

Farnham is a vibrant town with a rich history and a diverse range of businesses. There are quaint cafes and boutiques as well as tech startups and service providers. Each of these businesses needs a robust online presence to attract and retain customers. Our first step is to understand the local market and your specific business needs. This localised approach ensures that our SEO strategies are relevant and effective.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

The foundation of any successful SEO campaign is thorough keyword research, Find keywords that you want to rank for, using tools such as SE Ranking (https://seranking.com/position-tracking.html) and it’s where we recommend you start as this was a good plaform for us to start our SEO Journey over 11 years ago, it was easy to use and the price point wasn’t as much as other plaforms we now use . Our web design and SEO agency in Farnham delves deep into understanding what your potential customers in Surrey are searching for. By identifying high-traffic, low-competition keywords relevant to your industry, we can optimise your website content to rank higher on search engine pages. This targeted approach ensures that your business appears in front of the right audience.

Advanced SEO Techniques to Transform Your Business

Now that we’ve covered keyword research and the Farnham market, let’s take a look at which advanced techniques can help you thrive online:

Take Up More Space on Google

  • SERP Real Estate. SERP Real Estate is essentially the amount of pixels you take up on Google’s first page. The more pixels you control on the page, the more traffic you’ll get from that keyword.
  • Featured Snippets. These are the short pieces of text you’ll see at the top of Google, taking up the most room. You can optimise your webpage for this by:
  1. Defining your topic in 2 or 3 sentences
  2. Matching the snippet format (just like this list)
  3. Avoiding first-person language
  4. Keeping your content fact-based
  5. Writing in simple sentences
  6. Using the language your audience would

Optimise for the “People Also Ask” Questions

Over 80% of Google searches contain a “People also ask” section, which means it’s worth optimising for. Our SEO agency in Farnham loves using Answer the Public to find questions about your topic.

Build High-Quality Links

Building high-quality backlinks is essential for improving your website’s authority and search rankings. Our link-building strategies include:

  • Guest Blogging or Podcasting. Writing and publishing articles on reputable websites and joining podcasts can earn you valuable backlinks.
  • Broken Link Building. Identifying broken links on other websites and suggesting your content as a replacement. Our SEO agency in Farnham has a web development team on hand to help with this.
  • Influencer Outreach. Collaborating with local influencers and bloggers to promote your content and build links. Influencer marketing has taken off in the past few years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Now is the time to make the most of it!

Publish Topic and Year Posts

When posting blog posts and content on your website, adding the year it’s relevant to will help the SEO. “SEO” is incredibly competitive, however, “SEO 2024” will be much less so. It’s worth noting the content needs to be 100% based on the year you have mentioned.

Add Comment Sections To Your Blogs

Not only could content sections help directly with SEO, it also gives visitors more to do on your website, giving them more time to spend on it. Comment sections are actually crawlable by Google. Most importantly don’t forget mobile users they accout for the largest part of most vistor traffice. For more information on the importance of mobile optimisation, take a look at our blog.

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Partner with Thunderbolt, Your Trusted SEO Agency in Surrey

Transforming your business with advanced SEO techniques requires expertise, dedication, and a deep understanding of the local market. Our SEO agency in Farnham team is committed to helping businesses succeed online. Our tailored SEO strategies are designed to drive traffic, improve rankings, and boost conversions. Ready to elevate your online presence and dominate the Farnham market? Contact us today to start your SEO journey and watch your business flourish.