It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Like other companies specialising in web design Surrey,  Thunderbolt Digital know that making a few simple changes to your site during December can make more of a difference than you might think, provided you do things properly. So, just how can you make festive web design work for you this year?


One of the quickest and simplest ways to jazz up your site for the holidays is to change any banners and stock photos with something more timely. You can also make your logo temporarily festive, and switch up your landing page to feel more seasonal. Depending on what kind of effect you’re after, you can be more overt with your designs, or keep things a bit more subtle by perhaps keeping Christmas motifs to a minimum, and focusing on christmassy colours, or utilising more generalised wintery themes by swapping christmas trees and santa hats for snowflakes and holly (or mistletoe!)


A countdown for Christmas is another good way to increase buzz as well as give a little nudge to potential buyers who might be on the fence about their purchase, especially the further along the countdown gets! You can achieve even greater effects by highlighting certain days and rewarding your customers with offers, quizzes, or fun Christmas videos – some companies go so far as to create advent calendars, or host “12 days of Christmas” promotions.


If you’re an e-commerce site, keeping an updated delivery estimate is a must – make sure your customers know when they need to finalise any purchases by in order for them to arrive in time for Christmas. After all,  last minute buyers make up a larger percentage of sales than you think! Now is also the best time to advertise any gift wrapping services you offer, again, especially the closer you get to Christmas!


It’s also good to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and even of the people that do, many find themselves already tired by aggressively-festive shopping experiences, that can begin earlier and earlier each year. Keep things fun, but not oppressive, and you should see happy faces all around from both customers and employees.


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