Thunderbolt Digital are proud to have some of the best web designers in Surrey who are able to keep our website up to date and on trend, as well as provide our customers with exquisite bespoke sites to help get their company noticed online. One of the main aims of your website should be to convert visitors into leads and eventually paying customers, but how exactly can this be done? Well, there are a number of ways to tweak the design of your website to help the conversion process, as we’ll discuss below.

Our experienced web designer in Surrey know that the first key to success with conversions is to successfully identify your customers; who they are, what the want, and what they need. Once you know this, you can ascertain why they’re visiting your site and what they’re looking for – you can then tailor your website to offer up exactly what will make these people stick around, which is vital for conversions.

Once you’ve convinced your visitors to peruse your site a little more, you can then begin guiding them in the direction, whether that be to your contact details, a form, or a downloads page. Make user journeys as easy and seamless as possible, and highlight the navigational areas you especially want your potential customers to visit.

The ideal end to a user journey should have visitors investing either their time or money in you, which is why calls to action (CTAs) are essential to any site! You want visitors to view and respond to the CTAs on your site, so it’s important that they are clear, concise, and simple to execute (for example, if your CTA is a web form, try and have as few fields as possible – we all know how tedious it is to fill these out!).

You may also want to implement CTAs throughout your site and user journey, rather than right at the end; there’s nothing wrong with this, as frequent calls to action can be very successful, you just have to be careful that they don’t become irritating to users. Some sites can even benefit from pop-ups, but they can be inappropriate for certain industries and markets, so proceed with caution!

If you’re worried about your site’s conversion rates and could do with the help of expert web designers in Surrey, then Thunderbolt Digital are the agency you need! Our hard working team is dedicated to offering our customers first class service whether they’re in need of SEO, SMM, social media management, web design, or something else. If you have plans for your website and would like to speak with us about your ideas, then call our office today on 01252 413757 or email us at!