Your local team of Surrey web design experts here at Thunderbolt Digital know that it can be difficult to outsource projects and find people that are a perfect fit for you and your company, especially when it comes to design. Of course, it is important for those with less experience get their foot in the door, but sometimes you’ll come across designers with polished portfolios who seem experienced, but lean towards amateur characteristics which can affect the whole project! Stay vigilant and be mindful of the following behaviours so you can tackle them if and when they crop up!


Overuse of Special Effects
The effects you’ll most likely see abused are bevel, emboss, and glow effects. Amateur designers tend to get overexcited with these tools, so their overuse can be a good indicator that your designer lacks essential experience! Of course, using bevel or emboss doesn’t automatically make a designer bad – as with anything, it’s all about balance and how it is implemented. Considering flat design is on trend right now, people using these effects are either trying to make a statement or are revealing that they’re behind the times (another warning sign!).


Not Proofreading Their Work
Not double-checking work before sending it over and allowing mistakes to slip through the cracks is a classic rookie mistake you should watch out for when working with a new web designer. Pros have already been there and done that, so know to always check for grammar slip-ups or design mishaps that could embarrass them (and you) later!


Too Many Fonts
Most designers stick with three fonts or less across a website, in order to keep things from looking too busy – some will occasionally use more, but it’s a risky move that requires a lot of thought and skill to implement effectively. You may also notice that good designers pick complementary fonts that work well together. Amateur designers may use many juxtaposing fonts, and may select them based on how the fonts look individually rather than how they work as a whole. You may also see them select overly busy or “fancy” fonts and attempt to pair multiple serif fonts – a big no-no in the design world!


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