Websites are ever changing and as a web design company in Surrey, we are constantly looking at the latest trends in order to keep your projects up to date. Over the past few years we have seen all sorts of trends pass through and we have prided ourselves on our ability to allow our customers to achieve the look and feel they desired. Our designers are constantly honing their skill in order to be able to create the design of your dreams. If you can’t think of a design you like now, don’t worry our designers have a process to help you figure out what you do and don’t like. 


Animation and interactivity 

This nifty design hack has been around for a while now, but it has recently boomed in its popularity. Our designers are always thrilled with the challenge of animation on any new site as it can be great for UX as well. Animation, like the spacecraft and astronauts on our site, can be great for keeping visitors engaged and enthusiastic about seeing more. It can entice them to keep reading onto further pages. This aesthetic has a much bigger impact than just being there to look cool. 


Bright and bold colours – make your web design stand out in Surrey

This may seem like a very simple thing and really quite common but 2020 has seen the use of this change. It has moved to being block colours that are very prominent. Web design in Surrey has adapted to this. In many cases we are now seeing overlapping colours that are often in shapes and blocks to draw the eye to a particular feature. This also allows the website to have lots of sections close together; all while having them separated into different areas so as not to look cluttered. 


Sleek and professional 

Having whitespace 5 years ago would have looked very odd, plain even. Now it can be a great way to show simplicity and elegance in the design. You don’t always need big, bold and bright colours in the design to make a statement. Having a sleek uncluttered look to your site can portray a calm and organised feel making the viewer trust the company more. It increases understanding and legibility of the site, leading to an improved UX. This pristine look is often understated but can still pack a punch in gaining you customers. 


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