As a Surrey web design agency, we keep up with the latest trends. And 2021 has started some really interesting new ideas. If you’re looking for a new website, or giving your current site a refresh, here’s a few things to consider as options: 


3D renders

Design has always been evolving, and the newest stage is 3D renders. This is where the screen appears as though you are seeing something in real life, rather than on a screen as a flat image. It is reasonably uncommon still, but the trend is gaining popularity. Some examples are Petal and Hum. This could be a great way for your business to stand out from the competition. 


Neumorphic Design

Shapes and colours on websites can often blend together as there is generally little definition between them. But with neumorphic design, this is beginning to change. A Surrey web design specialist like us often experiments with tools like this and it can really make an impact. 


Gaussian blur

This effect is done by photo editing. It reduces the detail in an image. It is often used to focus the eye on the important section on the page, rather than the full image. It can also be used to overlay text over part of an image. 


Changeable cursor

This particular trend is something very different from the norm. Websites have begun to change the way the cursor looks on a site. One particular example of this is Burocratik. This site has changed their cursor to a dot that, when you move, has an almost echo that follows behind. Even better, it interacts with the other parts of the site! While you hover over some sections, the cursor will change shape, colour and move other parts of the site. 

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