What’s hot and what’s not in design is constantly in flux and ever-evolving, which is why the team at Thunderbolt Digital make sure to stay up to date with current web design trends; we want to offer our customers only the best possible service, including up-to-date and on-trend web design. If you’re wondering what you’ll be likely to see in the coming months and want a bit of a heads-up to ensure your site doesn’t become outdated, consider the following:


Emphasis On Content

We’ve been seeing busier interfaces over the years as more and more features have been implemented over time, but now we’re going to see web design heading in the other direction; you can expect to see more streamlined design, with cluttered interfaces becoming cleaner and cut down. In fact, we can already see this in action with the YouTube redesign, where things have been tweaked to make the videos more prominent and the UX blend more into the background and act as less of a distraction. Design elements such as cinematic mode now aim to complement content rather than fight with it for users’ attention.


Bold colours

Following Pantone’s announcement that their 2017 colour of the year is “greenery”, we can expect to see fresher and nature-inspired colour palettes all across the design world, whether in print or online. Arguably, this could be seen as a pushback against recent years’ monochrome minimalism, which is seen by some as “too safe”.


Of course, whilst we may be seeing more bold colours in general, that doesn’t mean that’s all we will see; it’s very likely that many will stick to more neutral colours and use contrasting bold colours as focal points.


Innovative Video

Video is now bigger than ever, and not in the traditional sense (if you can even call it that!); as well as live streaming becoming commonplace, we’re now seeing leaps in progress towards virtual reality as well as interactive and 360 degree video, which allows you to actually change what you’re viewing with nothing but the tilt of a device.


These technological advances can be especially useful to the tourism industry, as well as other brands where the location and experience is a key selling point – where still photos and static videos can be used to give a taster, 360 videos allow for online virtual tours which can engage users like never before.


There we have it: Thunderbolt Digital’s predictions for late 2017 web design trends! Do you think we’re right about what the future has in store for us, or have we overlooked a key element somewhere? Chat to us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think. In the meantime, if your website is in need of being brought up to speed, then we’re just the digital agency to do it! Make an appointment with us today to talk about your business goals by calling  01252 413757 or emailing our team at howdy@wearethunderbolt.com!