Thunderbolt Digital are proud to have some of the best web designers in Surrey on hand to work with our clients to create beautifully functional websites for them! Of course, design isn’t something that can be undertaken by just anyone, and there are a number of principles that need to be considered during the design process; read on to find out some web design fundamentals we think no one should be without.


Composition is paramount when it comes to web design, with negative space often being cited as a vital thing to remember. This is true, but often leads to concepts like symmetry being forgotten about. Use of symmetry can be a way way to communication balance and harmony, whilst asymmetrical design can be just as eye-catching, and can often help lead the eye from one focal point to another.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness isn’t a choice anymore but an absolute must when it comes to your website. Ensure that both desktop and mobile users can comfortably view and navigate your site as cross platform browsing is becoming more popular, and prioritising one over the other is becoming increasingly unwise.


It’s important that the design across your site is consistent, and should also adhere to brand identity, and reflect company values where possible. For example, businesses with a focus on innovation should have clean, modern-looking design, whereas craft shops and bakeries would be more suited to something more rustic or homely. As mentioned above, keep things consistent! Switching between design styles will be confusing and will give your site an amateurish appearance.

It can be far too easy for amateurs to get web design wrong, but as a company with a team of professional web designers in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital always get results – the right ones! If your website could use a redesign, or you’re launching a new venture that requires a brand new website to launch in tandem, then we’re here to help! Call our Farnham office today on 01252 413757 or email to discuss your digital business needs or perhaps book a meeting.