Thunderbolt Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency in Surrey. We are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible websites, catered exactly to their individual business needs. However, with digital design continuously growing, it is important to keep track and predict the upcoming trends in web design. As we are creeping closer to 2017, our web design Surrey department have compiled a list of key factors we think a top quality website should have in order to be recognised.

Mobile-first approach:

As suggested, mobile-first design is the process of designing websites initially for mobile, then working up to the bigger screen sizes. This approach has been around a while, however with mobile phones being officially named as the primary devices used in the UK for browsing the web, it is becoming increasingly important to consider. Therefore, more businesses are realizing this importance of having a site, which can deliver content through a smaller screen effectively and are keen to get on board.


With the rise of UI patterns, which now places UX as one of the most important aspects of design, it means that many websites now look quite similar. Therefore, being bespoke in every aspect is important in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd- that includes stock imagery, videos and icons. Customers and users seek authenticity and the bog-standard stock pictures of creative sat around a screen or a generic businessman/woman smiling are far from revolutionary.

One way to challenge this, is the use of bespoke illustrations. Illustrations can be playful and friendly and talented illustrators will be able to match the personality and ethos of the brand through their custom-made images.


As we are advancing, the use of static imagery is becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, finding new ways to attract and engage users as well as reflect the personality of the brand can be achieved through animation. Animations can all serve different purposes, ranging from small loading devices, which can entertain a user whilst waiting for content to load or large scale animations acting as focal point for the whole site.

Here at Thunderbolt, we are passionate about web design in Surrey, therefore keeping on top of the current trends is vital. If you feel your website could do with being brought up to date, or even completely re-made- Thunderbolt are here to help! Why not drop us an email at or give us a call on 01252 413757, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.