Sadly a website can’t be built overnight. It may seem like it’s quite easy, you just drag and drop, and BOOM, you have a website. But unfortunately this isn’t how it works. It would make our lives easier if it was, but in reality we spend our days prepping your websites to be the best they can. But why can they cost so much? This is due to many factors, but it’s mainly because it’s quite a lengthy process, having worked in web design in Farnham for some time, we know this more than most.

There is a lot of thought and consideration that is put into your project. From scoping the project, all the way to the launch, we work to include your specifications and achieve your dream website. Web design can be more expensive than you think because of this. We have worked in web design in Farham for over 7 years now and look forward to helping more clients get their perfect site, so how do we do it? Here’s a simple guide:

Web design in Farnham – What we do best

Ideas and Moodboards 

The start of the design process is to gain as much information from you as possible. We use this to understand the look and feel that you want the website to be based around. Next a moodboard is created. This is to demonstrate our ideas, from fonts, to colour schemes, and imagery styles. From here we take on your ideas and adjust accordingly to make sure we understand your brand and its guidelines. 


Brand Guidelines

Some companies have brand guidelines for us to follow, however, many that we have made websites for do not. Usually brand guidelines include colour schemes, exact fonts, the logo and more. We can help create these for you so that if you want to expand your website in the future, you have everything together. 


Sitemaps and Wireframes 

You may have read this header and thought “what are those?”. Sitemaps are essentially the layout of a website. They define the number of pages, and where the inner pages will be. It displays which are landing pages and which aren’t. They give our clients a rough idea of what a site will look like on paper and gives them a chance to choose what pages they want in their header, and decide which pages link to others. Wireframes allow the client to visualise how the site will look once complete, they show everything but the styling of the site. 


Web Design in Farnham

Here we start with the layout. This is almost like a dry run, it allows us to play with the structure and layout without having to factor in full designs. From here the client can visualise where aspects will be on the page and can make comments or suggestions. Once this has been approved, the plain layouts are made into a styled version. This will be the full website, but not on a staging site just yet. The videos won’t move and the text will be lorem ipsum to show the text spaces. 



When the designs are approved, the build stage commences. The staging site is built and the coding begins. This process can greatly vary in time due to the size and nature of a project. If it’s a five page brochure site then it can take a week if built on something like stackable. Whereas a 30 page site with functionality like a payment gateway can take months. 



Quality Assurance is what we do to make sure there aren’t any bugs on the site, and that all the functionality is working as it should. We check everything from the look and feel to the font and exact colour. Several people check the site once created to ensure that human error is avoided where possible. Then we show the client the final product and allow them to QA it themselves before pushing it live. 


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