60% of all online searches are carried out on a mobile. This is the number one reason as to why it’s essential to have a mobile-first website. Over half of online searches are on mobile devices, this number is only going to grow. At Thunderbolt, trusted web developers in Farnham, we can help you design an exceptional Mobile-First website for your business.

How Important Is A Mobile Website?

A mobile website means it’s easier for potential customers/clients to contact you through the use of clickable links to phone calls or emails. As well as this, when you’re sitting at home or out-and-about, and you want to search something up quickly and easily, the first thing you do is grab your phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly people will instantly leave it and most likely, not revisit. Designing and developing a website using the Mobile-First strategy ensures the users’ experience is seamless across all types of devices they may use. As a Laravel web development agency we can enhance your website’s mobile experience and make sure your website is consistent across all platforms.

Advantages Of A Mobile-First Website.

Designing a website using the Mobile-First approach helps you prioritise content. This is because you don’t have as much space on a mobile. Prioritise the important information and get rid of the stuff that distracts the user. Another advantage is by using this strategy and not creating the website on a desktop first, you don’t have to get rid of the content after to make it user friendly, instead, you just start off with the right amount of content.

Why Is Mobile Friendly So Important?

Mobile friendly is important so when someone visits your website on their phone they will get the full website experience. Therefore, they will see you as a credible source for the services you’re providing and possibly come back to you again and again. 52% of users are unlikely to interact with your company again due to a bad mobile experience. As an experienced Surrey web design agency, we can ensure that your website is fully mobile-friendly, to boost your credibility and optimize your user’s experience.

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