Coming into 2022, now more than ever customers expect to be able to find information when they need it and without delay. It can feel impossible as a business to be able to respond straight away, and so Chatbots can fill this void. Chatbots enable customers to find information, ask questions and make purchases without hassle. As a digital agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt can help you integrate a chatbot into your website. Here are some of the benefits that chatbots bring; 


 Improving Conversion Rates


When a website visitor arrives at a website or landing page, it is usually because they are looking for something to meet a specific need or want. A chatbot eliminates the need for the consumer to spend time searching or looking through website pages. As a result, the bounce rate will decrease.


Chatbots also increase the personal experience for the customer and help them feel welcome, which in turn increases the likelihood of converting a sale – after all, people like to feel seen. 


 Fast And Seamless Customer Service


Being able to answer a customer’s question or request instantaneously increases your conversion rate. When users do not have to spend time looking through FAQ’s or waiting around for a reply to an email, they are more likely to have a positive view of your company. Nobody enjoys having to spend time waiting for an answer when trying to make a purchase or enquire into a service. By being able to ask the chatbot a question and have an immediate answer, the conversion rate is boosted and the decision-making process speeds up. If necessary, the chatbot can easily and seamlessly switch over to a live chat, so no question goes unanswered.


 Greet Your Customers


Having your chatbot greet customers is like being able to greet them when they walk into your store. Whilst sometimes salespeople can be pushy, a chatbot has no pressure attached to it. This means the consumer feels like they have the option to talk to someone, without it feeling like a contract.


It can be seen that when a customer is given the option to chat, they are much more likely to convert. Just remember to make sure that the popup chat function is easy to close and non-invasive. You don’t want to ruin your user’s experience.


 Chatbots Are Great For Remarketing


When it comes to re-marketing, chatbots are great. If a user adds an item to their cart and then leaves the site, a chatbot can show the item at the side of a webpage to remind the user. An example of this is eBay’s Facebook Messenger Shopbot. It can remember what the user purchased, learns from past conversations and can increase conversion rates.


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