As a local digital agency that offers high-quality online services and web development Surrey, the hard working team here at Thunderbolt Digital always make sure to keep abreast of best practice in the industry so that we can offer our clients the best services possible. Our web development Surrey team know that SMEs looking to upgrade (or build) their website are not always sure of essential elements to have, so we thought we’d share some quick tips on what should be included to help build the perfect site!

Make Things Easy for the User

User experience (UX) should be one of your top priorities in web design and development – remember that bad navigation can frustrate users and ultimately drive them away! Yes, standard ‘contact us’ links can seem boring but avoid using obscure navigation terms – if your audience doesn’t understand where a link will lead, they probably won’t click on it!

Another issue to remember is that the shorter the user journey, the more likely customers are to contact you or buy something. In line with this, ensure that your call to action (CTA) is clearly visible and easy to action for the consumer – if things take too long or seem complicated, many will simply give up and leave!

Focus on Readability

Interesting and unique fonts can be so tempting, but they’re just not worth it if they’re difficult to read. Remember to keep text a size that is easily readable and ensure that there’s a good contrast between text and background colours (but don’t make things too bright or garish!).

Keep Things Balanced

Your site needs to be visually appealing but not too vague, either; let visitors to your site know what your business does rather than making them go hunt for a concrete description of your services (this is more common than you would think!).

Engage Your Audience

Your website is, in effect, an advertisement for your business – keep this in mind during the design process. Keep your audience interested, and put across a good impression of your company – an amateur website will make users think the services you provide are amateur, too!

Don’t be Afraid of Change

Improved websites are always refreshing to users (so long as things remain accessible and easy to navigate). Don’t be afraid to implement changes to your site based on information gleaned from analytics – in fact, changing things to suit your target audience is a crucial part of web development!

If you need some advice about web development Surrey, or are perhaps looking for some help with designing and building a website, then Thunderbolt Digital can help! Our highly skilled in-house team work tirelessly to deliver professional results on time and on budget so that you can increase your online visibility and boost sales. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business and your website then why not email us today at or drop us a line at 01252 413757 – we’re always happy to discuss online projects with potential customers!