As a trusted web agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital regularly assist companies with web design and development who otherwise would be completely lost! Many companies just want a perfect finished product (a bespoke site, just for them), but in order for things to be to specifications, they should stay involved in the process. However, when suggesting ideas for additions or edits, certain things should be kept in mind: so, when you’re next involve in a site redesign, remember to ask yourself the following:


Is It Necessary?

Does it serve a purpose or solve a problem? Or is it there because you (or your client) thinks it looks nice? Eye-catching design is important, but superfluous elements can slow load speed and make pages look cluttered, which can detract from the overall effect of the page, as well as making your site harder to navigate.

White space is valuable in web design and isn’t there just to be filled – be sure to keep this in mind! Not every inch of a page has to be filled, and your site should only contain what it needs to provide users with the best experience possible.


Is it Readable?

It’s not just copy you need to pay attention to when building a site but the formatting, too – you need legible fonts and proper paragraph spacing so your audience can actually read your content.

Most people tend to skim read things they come across online, and are more likely to read longer pieces of texts if they’re broken up under subheadings or into lists (you’ll notice that this blog follows that trend!). Bullet points are also a good way to break up ideas and highlight key points in a way that’s easy to skim while making it less likely that your audience will miss vital information in the process.


Is it User-Friendly?

Does it fit user requirements, and are users able to find what they need without difficulty?

Sometimes things that seem like good UX, in theory, might actually not work so well when it comes to usage – especially amongst certain demographics. It’s vital to test UX before launch to ensure that your site actually allows people to interact with it the way they should.

Accessibility is key when it comes to web development:  your website is nothing without users, so you should be focusing on a user-centric experience!


If you’re in need of a reliable web agency in Surrey to assist you with quality web design and development, then Thunderbolt Digital should be your first choice! Our expert team have years of experience building bespoke sites to match our clients’ high expectations, and we also offer a range of template websites for SMEs who may not be able to afford to go fully custom. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you with hosting, web development, online marketing, social media management and more – just call our office on 01252 413757 or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.