With the New Year right around the corner, we thought we’d have a go at predicting some of the web design trends for 2018, as we are a web development agency after all! Here’s a look at the possible web design trends that might make an appearance in 2018; which ones are your favourite? 


Bold and Bright Minimalist Designs

Simple and classic designs will never go out of style. Already being a staple element in 2017, minimalist fonts and images will continue to be a go-to amongst web development agency designs. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean bland however, as large, eye-catching fonts, vibrant colours, and engaging photography are all on the rise this upcoming year.


Interactive Content

Customer interactivity on websites will be the star of 2018. Long gone are the days of reading paragraphs of content on web pages, say hello to quizzes, polls, and videos will all contribute to a more interactive website experience. This type of content encourages longer average time spent of websites and more clicks per page also. Ask your web development agency how they can add interactivity to your web design!


Illustrations and Animations

Good news for designers in a web development agency, as more websites are featuring playful and quirky illustrations to catch their readers’ attention in a more interesting way. Animations are also an efficient way to engage with a reader, as it translate the website’s information across in a more innovative way. Whether it’s simply through a animated menu button, or moving image, this is a simple yet effective trend to get on board with in the new year.


So there you have it, Thunderbolt Digital’s predictions for web design trends in 2018. For all your web development, web design, and marketing needs, email us at howdy@wearethunderbolt.com or call us on 01252 413 757