Often people overlook the importance of regular website maintenance. Website audits are essential in ensuring that your website is fully SEO optimised. Perhaps, you have never done an audit before. Regardless of your current experience level, this guide will serve as a useful checklist to ensure that your website is fully optimised to the fullest potential. Conducting regular website audits are not only useful for SEO. Audits will also help to ensure that you get the all important conversion results your business needs. As experts in Surrey web design, we hope to ensure that you can make a start in the right direction. 

What are Website Audits? 

A website audit scans page performance before undergoing search engine optimisation processes and website design. Conducting one of these will help you to determine to what extent your website is optimised to achieve your individual traffic goals. When you conduct website audits, you will gain valuable insights into how you can improve your website to increase performance. 

Key Benefits 

One benefit of website audits is that they will help determine areas within technical performance that can be improved. Audits allow you to inspect your websites’ robustness in regards to its technical framework and infrastructure. It also allows you to access whether your website is suitable for search engines. You will also gain insights regarding your website’s navigation and how intuitive your site is for users. 

You can also gain valuable SEO insights such as missed keyword opportunities as well as any pitfalls within your websites’ content that impacts performance. 

How to Conduct an SEO Audit? 

Prior to starting your audit, you will want to find a website auditing tool that you can use to analyse performance. Once you have a tool like this in place, you can begin looking for technical errors. This may include performance, SEO, mobile experience and much more. 

Next, you will want to explore any SEO-related issues. Looking at these and fixing potential issues will help improve your ranking on search engine results pages. This will often include looking at your existing meta descriptions, image, text, blog pages and more. 

The final step you will need to take is to have a clear summary of your findings. List the site issues that are most damaging. This will provide you with a clear direction of where to go moving forward in order to improve your websites’ performance. 


Website audits are often overlooked for many businesses online. However, they can be immensely useful in ensuring that your website is suitable for search engines results pages, and so that you can generate the leads you need. By conducting website audits, you can also be provided with technical insights such as page speed and how easily the site can be navigated. Details such as this when addressed will vastly help to improve user experience on your website. 

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