Web developers can often sound like they are speaking another language. Whether you are making a website and can’t quite understand what they’re on about, or if you are building your own website then there are going to be a few words that you aren’t familiar with; one of these is probably “Plugin”. Web development in Surrey is ever changing, plugins are the future in some areas, so here’s a quick guide:


What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a bit of software that can be added to a website to add previously missing functionality; they also work to smooth out a process in the back end of your site. There are different types of plugins that work to achieve different things. From fixing a visual aspect to make your site more aesthetically pleasing, or to create an easier integration with an outside source, website or tool. They may sound like complicated bits of code, but they are already made! There are thousands of plugins that can do all sorts of things, you just need to pick the right one and slot it into the code in the correct place, it’s that easy to do. 


What is a good example of this? Where is it used in general web development in Surrey?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve with your plugin as a good example, but here is a simple guide: If you’re looking for an SEO boost then use the Yoast SEO plugin. If you are looking for a way to see what users do on your websites to understand the user journey, then you can use Hotjar. A Woocommerce plugin can be used to add Ecommerce functionality to your site. Some plugins are free from big sites if they are only small, but they can range in price depending on the level of functionality. 

How can they help your business?

Plugins are little things that can really change a lot. Making your site able to take payments online is no mean feat, but can be made much simpler with plugins. Or that one problem you can’t seem to fix yourself, it’s highly likely there’s a code layout all ready for you to use. It can greatly decrease the costs of your website, all while increasing your traffic and bettering your UX. Web development in Surrey can make a huge difference to the success of your business. 


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