Choosing who to take on your web design project can be hard. At Thunderbolt we offer expert Surrey web design solutions that make it as easy as possible for you to make the decision. We would always advise using a web development company over freelancers and here’s why…

Surrey Web Design – who to choose?

Make things easier with everyone in-house

The first thing to mention is that a web development company will make things easier. Having all of the developers, designers, project managers and the director all in one place drastically improves the quality of communication. In other words, there’s nothing worse than having multiple people working on the same project who’ve never worked together before and are all separate. For Thunderbolt, in Surrey, web design is very important and we would never outsource work. We think it makes the whole process very complicated! Furthermore, the quality of the work is likely to be affected by this. Web design is a collaborative process and important features that you require are likely to fall through the cracks.


Experience & Credentials

Having an established group of people is a great trust indicator for your project. An already formed company is much more likely to have some great work done already. Therefore, if you’re weary of individuals with little to no credentials then a web development company is likely to be what you’re looking for. And many, like us, have extensive reviews to look through and we are even partnered with google!



A freelancer is, at the end of the day, free – the clue is in the name! This means that they are not tied down or accountable to anyone and this may mean they are flaky. A freelancer may even leave a project halfway through if they feel there’s something better out there. Freelancers are self employed and this means money will always be their top priority rather than a will to see your project through and contribute to your vision. This can also mean they are more expensive! Here at Thunderbolt in Surrey, web design is a passion for us and web development companies in general are bound to be more invested than an individual. 

For peace of mind and a better deal you should always enquire with a web development company. However, when it comes to freelancers, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!


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