Email marketing is often overlooked as a marketing strategy, however, it can be a great way to engage prospects. As a digital agency, we are able to help you with any of your marketing needs, including providing email marketing in Surrey. If you are interested in finding out more about the types of email marketing, and how they can engage prospects, keep reading on.




Sending out monthly newsletters can be great for keeping your current customers engaged and up to date with the latest happenings of your business. Newsletters can help increase a sense of investment for your customers. Also, they help increase customer loyalty by reminding your audience that your business exists and cares. Your newsletters can also act as promotional devices for any events or seminars that your business may be running. This helps to get the word out and encourage involvement.


Special Deals And Offers


Email marketing can be used to send special exclusive offers to your customers. This acts as an incentive for more customers to opt into your subscribed list. Also helping to build a relationship of trust and satisfaction with your customer base as they are given chances to save money.  To find out more in depth about benefits of our email marketing in Surrey for your business , read the blog here.


Email Remarketing


If you are interested in remarketing products to customers, doing this via email can be less intrusive than via ads. However, it can still give the customer the nudge they need to make the purchase. Essentially the point of email remarketing is to encourage the potential buyers to trust in your brand. This reminds them to make the purchase and can help to increase repeating customers.


Opt-in Email Marketing


Otherwise known as ‘permission’ marketing, opt-in email marketing focuses on the receiver giving consent to be added to your business’s subscribed list. This is a good way to engage prospects as treating your users with respect. As you are giving them a choice, increases trust. Asking permission is important when it comes to emailing prospects that you haven’t otherwise had contact with. Due to the need to follow GDPR’s (general data protection regulations).


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