Email marketing is often overlooked as a marketing strategy, however, it can be a great way to engage prospects. As a marketing agency Surrey, we are able to help you with any of your marketing needs. This includes providing email marketing among other services. If you are interested in finding out more about how emails can engage prospects and what you should do to optimise your campaign, keep reading on.


A/B Testing


A/B Testing, otherwise known as split testing is a great way to see what type of emails your audience will respond best to. You can test multiple different factors, such as time of day, length of email, links in the email and more. An A/B test essentially is two versions of the same email, with slight differences, once it has been sent out you can record metrics and compare the success. This will in time allow you to have an optimal campaign which is effective in gaining the most engagement possible. To read more about A/B testing, check out the blog here from our marketing agency Surrey. 


Create Rich Content


You can optimise every aspect of the content of your email, so there is always something you can improve upon. You need to make sure that the content you are creating is relevant, original and engaging. The tone of voice will differ depending on your target demographic. Make sure your subject and opening line really grab people’s attention, and spark interest. Try to think about the type of email you would engage with, why is that? Is it the content? The design? Perhaps it is a strong call to action? All these things are vital to an optimised email campaign.


Utilise Newsletters


Monthly newsletters can be great for keeping your customers engaged and up to date with the latest happenings of your business. Newsletters can help increase a sense of investment for your customers. Additionally they help increase customer loyalty by reminding your audience that your business exists and cares. Your newsletters can also act as promotional devices for any events or seminars that your business may be running. This helps to get the word out and encourage involvement.


Follow GDPR Rules


Otherwise known as ‘permission’ marketing, opt-in email marketing focuses on the receiver giving consent to be added to your business’s subscribed list. This is a good way to engage prospects as treating your users with respect, and giving them a choice, increases trust. Asking permission is important when it comes to emailing prospects that you haven’t otherwise had contact with, as you need to follow GDPR’s (general data protection regulations).


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