Split Testing is often-overlooked as part of the marketing process. Also known as A/B Testing, Split Testing is the process of comparing the results from multiple versions of created content. As a digital agency in Surrey, we recommend that businesses do not skip this part of marketing. Split Testing is vital for making the most out of ad spend and optimising campaigns, here is how;


It Improves Content Engagement


Split Testing is a great way to understand what type of content attracts the most views and engagement for your company. No matter if you are testing landing pages, emails, or ads, Split Testing can allow you to fully gauge what your target audience needs and wants from your business. An example of implementing this would be to create two different ads, and then track which version was a bigger success and the variables that caused this.

You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates


With Split Testing, you can gain insight into what the best strategy is for your business in order to have content that truly does convert for you. All businesses understand the importance of converting sales, and there is minimal point in conducting marketing effects that will not pay off. By taking just a little bit more time, and creating two different versions of content, it’ll soon be clear to you what’s working. Because of this, you will end up saving time and money in the long run and sufficiently convert leads. For more ways that you can increase your conversion rates, read the blog here.


Say Goodbye To High Bounce Rates


We totally get it, you have spent time creating content, and now you want to avoid visitors clicking away from it. With Split Testing, you can use multiple versions to test different variables, and review what affects your bounce rate. When reviewing your results, take into consideration every detail about what is different. Even small things like fonts and colours can have an impact on your bounce rate. Once you have identified the differences from your A/B Testing, you can then optimise accordingly.


What Should You Track When Split Testing?


There are multiple ways of checking performance when Split Testing content, here are some metrics to take into consideration;

  • The conversion rate


  • The bounce rate


  • The time spent looking at the page


  • The amount of unique visitors


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