As experts at web design in Surrey, we strive to make our clients aware of the latest tips and tricks regarding all things web design. Here’s a little insight into how we make bespoke and beautiful websites.


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Our Web designers in Surrey Make Page Speed a Priority


It’s never really up for debate, speed is key when it comes to web design in Surrey, or anywhere for that matter. If your site is slow, visitors won’t stay, simple! Plus, as Google cares about its users, search engines will also factor your page loading speed into their rankings. For this reason alone, Thunderbolt puts page speed at the top of its priority list when it comes to designing stunning websites for our clients. 


Keep It Simple, Yet Stylish


Viewers do not want visual complexity, simplicity works wonders. The more complex your design the harder your website can be to navigate. Keep your design simple, stylish, and original. Too many times we have seen websites that are just replicas of one another, where’s the originality? 


Prioritize Scrolling Over Clicking


 As mentioned in our blog, limited pages work wonders! We’re advising our clients more and more to design everything on one long scrolling page, including the stuff usually tucked away. Clicking over and over again is repetitive and takes too long to find what you need, no one likes it and your customers will soon become frustrated. Having one large page or visually accessible page heading makes for a much more enjoyable user experience. Clarity when scrolling is what we all want.  


Direct attention with visual cues


Everyone likes a pretty picture, so why should web design be any different. The images and graphic art that our in house design team use not only looks great but serves a purpose. Web design is an art, but it’s also about analysing how users think when they interact with your site. Ultimately, it’s about practicality. There’s no use in an image that looks great but doesn’t serve a purpose. An image should always guide your web experience, it should help reach the desired idea, message or destination. For all other information on visual cue and directing your viewers’ attention, see this article 


Contact Thunderbolt For Web Design in Surrey


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