As pioneers of web design in Surrey, we are seeing increasing numbers of people using the internet to purchase goods or research service providers. It is now imperative that your website will entice users to interact with your business. But how can you achieve this? 


Informative Homepage

Your home page should tell the user what your company does and why they should choose you! In fact, approximately 46% of internet users will immediately leave a website if it’s not clear what the company does.


By having your services/products in clear view you can ensure that users will find what they’re looking for quickly, making them more likely to engage with your website.


It is also beneficial to showcase trust indicators such as testimonials, awards and industry affiliates to reassure the user that you are a credible business. 


Mobile Friendly

With mobile searches now accounting for the majority of total search engine traffic, a mobile friendly website is now more important than ever!


As experts in web design in Surrey we know that optimizing your website for mobile devices will make users far more likely to engage with your business. 


Load Time

People are impatient! If your website fails to load within 2 seconds your chances of retaining the user are very slim. With so much content being available on the internet and the “back button” being everybody’s best friend, users will move on to another website rather than waiting for the original one to load.


By improving your loading speeds you will ensure that you retain the attention of users, making them more likely to explore your offerings.   


Easy To Find Contact Details

64% of internet users want to see the company’s contact information on the home page of the website and 44% of visitors will leave if there’s no contact information available, highlighting the importance of making contact details ever present throughout the website.

At Thunderbolt we have an experienced team of web designers in Surrey and favour click-to-call features to make contacting your business even easier!


Use Call To Actions

A call to action (CTA) creates a gateway to your business. It demands the user interacts with your site and guides them towards a sale or enquiry. An effective CTA should inform visitors what they’re going to get from taking action and what information they need to provide.


It is important that the CTA tells the user exactly what action to take, to prevent confusion causing them to exit your website. 


To find out how web design in Surrey can help bring more customers to your business, call us today on 01252 413757 or drop us an email at and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help!