At Thunderbolt Digital, we believe that online marketing should be clear and concise. As a client, you should be completely in the know. So, business jargon should never come between you and your objectives. As an online marketing company based in Surrey, we want all our clients to become aware of our SEO strategy. Having a good understanding of SEO jargon is important for both of us. When a client is completely integrated into our online marketing process, everyone benefits! Below, we have taken the time to explain 5 SEO keywords that you should be aware of. 



Crawling is the process by which search engines discover your web pages. Think of web crawlers as spiders. These “spiders” are computer programs that scan the web, ‘reading’ everything they find. These words are then scanned and indexed. But how does this relate to your product or service? Well, the more relevant your content is to the user’s search query, the greater your chances are of a higher page ranking. 



In the context of SEO, intent refers to what users really want from the words they typed into the search bar. It is vital that you understand what a user wants when they search for a product or service. Google wants to keep its users happy. By tailoring your product or service to what the user is looking for or wants to know, Google will reward you by placing your web page higher in the search results.

A picture of Google Analytics, which is used for online marketing in Surrey.



Organic search results are earned, as opposed to paid for. To have a successful organic page takes time. It revolves around numerous factors of SEO strategy. Similarly to the other SEO keywords mentioned, the more factual and relevant your content the higher Google will place your page organically. 


Keyword Optimisation 

Also known as keyword research, is the act of analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target to help drive qualified traffic to your website. The more thorough our SEO keyword search, the more you will benefit. Relevant keywords = clicks.


Link Building 

Link Building is a cornerstone of any successful online marketing strategy. While “building” sounds like this activity involves creating links to your website yourself, link building instead describes the process of earning links to your site. The more credible links your website has, the higher you will be placed in Google rankings.  


Having read through our list of SEO keywords that you should be aware of, we hope you now have a better understanding of the online marketing space. If you want your business to be found online then get in touch with our friendly team here at Thunderbolt. Call us on 01252 413757 to set up a meeting! For online marketing in Surrey, think Thunderbolt.