2022 will bring with it a whole new array of design trends, some of which will be recurring from previous years, others that are new and otherwise haven’t been seen before. Each year presents a new opportunity to spruce up your website design, and our team of web designers Surrey would be more than happy to help. Read on for a rundown of what we believe will be the hot trends for 2022;


Mobile User Focused Designs


Over 50% of internet activity occurs on mobile devices. This highlights how important it is for websites to now be mobile friendly. The new year will see even more web designs being catered to the mobile view, and while websites on mobile were once uncommon, they will likely soon be the default. 


Colour Trends


We will be sure to see a variety of colour trends this coming year. Gone is the grayscale phase that has trailed out, 2022 is a time of colour. There are two prominent themes that we think will arise, these are muted tones and even more vibrancy. These two seem like opposites but they both exist for a similar purpose. This is creating a happy, caring environment for the consumer. 2021 was a hard year for many, and now businesses should be focusing on the positivity of the new year and all the good things to come.




Whilst this is not a new trend, we are pretty sure that brutalism will be circling overhead for quite some time yet. The clash against conventional design that brutalism embodies will gain even more popularity in 2022, as diversity, expression and artistic freedom becomes more and more sought after. Brutalism represents going against what is deemed ‘acceptable’ to explore new paths and possibilities, and whilst it won’t be the right fit for some businesses, it is definitely worth checking out if you want to make a statement.


Animation And Motion Design


Design is becoming more dynamic, and will continue to do so as each year passes. Animation is a great way to stand out and grab the attention of your website visitors, and adding it into your site can help you take a step up from your competitors. You can start small, from navigation to hover tools, these little finishing touches create a sense of curiosity and engage your audience. Our web designers Surrey also believe that motion design will be on the rise, with an increase of interest in visual storytelling.


Font Trends


When it comes to design, fonts go in and out of fashion like anything else. For 2022, we think more elegant fonts will be on the rise, for example classic serif fonts. The elegant, artistic nature of these fonts, such as Georgia, fit in perfectly with the expressive, emotional, positive feel that 2022 will bring. To read about what was trending in 2021, check out the blog here. 


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