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Consumer expectations are constantly growing and changing, and since the majority of online users are starting holiday shopping earlier (40% in 2020), brands need to be staying vigilant and delivering offers to keep their customers interested.  Even mega-giant companies such as Amazon have started leaning towards earlier holiday campaigns, also allowing their Black Friday holiday retail sales to last 48 hours instead of the usual 24. Here is a little bit more information from our Surrey marketing agency…


Growing Expectations – New Products And Experiences


You have to meet evolving consumer expectations. Since consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier, brands need to deliver a relevant offering. Otherwise, your competition will win out. Launching promotions early extends your holiday campaign’s lifecycle just that bit more, providing a wider period for your customers to purchase and more time for your retargeting efforts to bring in leads and conversions. Ecommerce brands can beat their competition out by offering promotions quicker, capitalising on holiday sales traffic before consumers become fatigued. This may seem obvious for many, however we are still seeing businesses that aren’t preparing early enough.

One way to get yourself ready and prepared is using special occasions as an opportunity to optimize your personalised experiences on offer. For example, Starbucks have been running a very successful personalized marketing campaign, with the introduction of their mobile app, incorporating factors such as interests, location, and drink purchase history to create the ultimate user experience. This app has generated around 6 million sales per month – definitely worth it.

To have a long-term relationship with your consumers, you need to be making your marketing personal. This means celebrating important milestones, and using data collected to do this to an individual level.


Personalised Experiences; A Social Media Takeover 


Facebook has put a lot of effort into ensuring that there is more potential for online experiences, with their announcement for new optimised personalisation features being made in 2021. According to Facebook’s data bases, 75% of adults globally want to communicate with businesses in a more colloquial way, via messaging. In the 21st century, it has become the social norm for us to communicate with friends and family over messaging platforms and social media, and this is now starting to transfer gradually over to the business world.

Facebook proposes a new way of communicating with businesses, directly linking messaging platforms to ads.  You may already encourage target customers to message you via your ads, but using this tool will personalize the user experience by choosing the default messaging platform depending on what the customer is most likely to use. Read more about this from our Surrey marketing agency here.


Facebook is also encouraging businesses to allow user ease by creating the option to add a whatsapp click-to-chat button to your Instagram profile, offering an alternative, easy and modern way to get in touch. 

As an Ecommerce business, you need to be giving your customers more personalised experiences on an intimate and tangible level. A consumer wants to feel connected to your brand, and a great way to do this is through features such as Facebook’s. 

Social media strength is also a key component as more and more web users are turning to social media platforms to seek out and connect with/shop from businesses. Having a strong website is an obvious requirement for any successful ecommerce business. Whilst you may feel like you have this end covered, it is vital that you are pouring the same attention to detail into your social media channels. 


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