As a trusted local digital agency, Thunderbolt Digital are always keeping an eye on web design in Surrey, the UK, and even further afield in an effort to keep up with what’s on trend as well as to stay informed about web developments and how they could be useful for us and our clients. We’ve spoken recently about how you can make a start on Pinterest but what about those of you who feel like branching out, and are perhaps considering paying for promoted pins to help boost their visibility? Well, our web design Surrey team believe you might just be in luck because Pinterest’s promotional posts seem to be working…

A year after implementing cinematic pins, Pinterest has announced the success of the new pins style of capturing users attention. For those of you unfamiliar with cinematic pins, they appear almost like gifs in a user’s home page, the key difference being that these looping video format pins are activated by scrolling, unlike other forms of video which often start playing by themselves and carry on regardless. Cinematic pins by contrast only play when you’re scrolling, and pause when you stop – such a simple take on normal scroll-based advertising, but something that has a lot of visual appeal, and is actually fun to see, too!

It should be no wonder, then, that following the use of this interactive form of pin L’Oreal have found in a recent study that purchase intent has increased by 37.5% and brand awareness has been raised by 30.7% (compared to 30.9% and 21.3% respectively for static pins). This success is surely good news to anyone who has a target demographic that frequently uses Pinterest regularly, such as mothers, spendthrift students, and art and craft enthusiasts.

This being said, not every business will have success with Pinterest due to the nature of the platform and the experience it is trying to give its users; those who find the greatest success on visual platforms like Pinterest are often involved in fashion, crafts, interior design or food (as well as Instagram-ing pictures of food, sharing recipes for inspiring looking dishes is becoming rather commonplace amongst users on Pinterest).

If Pinterest wishes to target these groups and perhaps even try to take a market share of online video advertising for itself, it will certainly face some pretty stiff competition considering that Facebook, Google and Twitter have already been advertising using this format for quite some time. However, if Pinterest continues to be innovative with their approach like they were with their implementation with scroll-activated cinematic pins, then they may have a chance of doing better than initially expected.

Videos are becoming a fundamental part of how customers interact with brands online if you are considering a marketing video for your business we are located in Surrey and can offer advice on how to get the best impact on a small budget.

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