Local digital agency Thunderbolt Digital love to keep up with the marketing strategy in Surrey, so we can assess what does and doesn’t work and so help our clients achieve marketing success. Anyone in marketing these days can tell you that social media is a force to be reckoned with, and is definitely not something to be overlooked if you want to guarantee success! But that doesn’t mean that all of your marketing efforts should be digitally focused, as OOH (out of home) advertising most definitely still has its place, though one of the most efficient marketing tactics is to mix a bit of both: if you combine ‘real world’ activities and boost awareness of your antics on social media, then you can see double the success that you would have otherwise, something which new local business The Botanist seems to have picked up on!

Our marketing strategy Surrey team loved their idea. As a newly opening local business, The Botanist officially opened its doors on the 29th February, and the residents of Farnham were there to welcome them! The Botanist’s team made sure to drum up interest for their services by not only posting teasers on their social media, but actually going out and interacting with their new neighbours (which they then cross-posted about online, granting exposure all round – how’s that for local business solidarity?) in a number of ways.

Aside from just general chit chat with some of the local businesses, the team at The Botanist were lovely enough to buy some ‘house-warming’ gifts to give out, and, using their special event hashtag #botanistplantpots, documented their little gift-giving mission throughout Farnham on their social media accounts. Not only were local businesses (or, as The Botanist team referred to them, their new neighbours) gifted with these lovely little plants pots, a few were even left around the town for residents to enjoy – even the famous lion statue of Lion and Lamb Yard was lucky enough to receive one!

But they didn’t stop there! The ever-generous team from The Botanist went one further and even delivered cocktails to various local businesses – if only every new neighbour was this nice! Of course, something as social as cocktails just has to be shared, and indeed it was over on their Facebook and Twitter (clever!), making it a much more novel approach than the usual free samples, and a way to get people talking besides!

If The Botanist Farnham continue on this way then the Thunderbolt team thinks they might soon be giving us a run for our money when it comes to online marketing! As it is, we wish them the best of luck with their new business, and look forward to our inevitable visit for some of their delicious-looking cocktails!

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