As a full service local digital agency, Thunderbolt Digital are well-versed in social media marketing in Surrey, as well as search engine optimisation, web design, and more. We always tailor our advice and services for your exact needs, but for those of you who want some more general pointers, we always love to lend a helping hand to struggling SMEs with our blog tips! So, are you communicating effectively with your target audience on your chosen social media platforms? Let’s see!

As experts of social media marketing in Surrey and surrounding areas, we recommend you ask yourself these questions. Does your social media strategy feel stale, and like it’s not working as well as it should? Does it feel as if you’re yelling into the void every time you post? You know your followers are there, so where’s their engagement? Many struggling marketers can relate to this feeling, but one question they seem to forget to ask themselves is: where’s our engagement?

‘Wait,’ you might cry, ‘that doesn’t make any sense! We’re providing content and updates to our followers! There’s our input!’ But is it? Are you really engaging with your followers and industry, or merely doing the online equivalent of yelling at a disinterested crowd through a megaphone?

We’ve previously mentioned the importance of communication with your customers and listening to feedback, but things go even deeper than that online. Over-promoting yourself and neglecting to speak to your customers can negatively affect your image; something that people really respond to online is content that makes it clear that there’s a person behind the social media, not just a faceless corporation, and if your audience thinks otherwise they may be less inclined to listen to and engage with your brand.

Whilst it’s important to respond to feedback, general messages and mentions shouldn’t be ignored on social media – even if they seem trivial! Another key thing to remember is that your interaction with your target audience shouldn’t be solely reactionary – you need to reach out to them first and create opportunities for them to engage with you, and you need to do it in a way that makes people on the other side of a screen want to take time out of their day to engage with you! A really good example of this form of interaction would be the Unravel Game’s Twitter – the initial appeal of the product came about because of the game creator, as he was simply so genuine that he became a viral sensation! We’re not saying you need to go viral to succeed, but the game’s Twitter has followed his lead of keeping a very homely and genuine feel, as well as giving their audience plenty of opportunity to interact with the brand with pictures, tutorials, twitter icon edits and more!

What about you? Have there been any particular instances where you’ve reached out to your audience and their feedback has surprised you? Be sure to let us know over on our Twitter or Facebook pages!

Thunderbolt Digital can boast years of successful social media marketing in Surrey and Hampshire, and are always looking to partner with local SMEs to help them gain an online presence and legitimate following. If you’d like to know more about the professional help and support the team at Thunderbolt Digital are able to provide, why not drop us an email at or give us a call on 01252 413757 – we love all things digital and would be happy to discuss your business needs with you.