Thunderbolt Digital are a professional digital agency specialising in online marketing Surrey and social media management, and are committed to helping local SMEs and businesses who are otherwise struggling with their digital marketing strategy. A key tool of the trade for any of us working with social media are the various insight pages, and any changes or improvements we can hope to see for them are always something we make sure to keep informed of, including Facebook’s updated video metrics.

Any marketer working online knows the value of social media statistics, including Facebook’s Insights page, and it seems that the company is making moves to further improve this service and the information it provides with its new video metrics. The company already rolled out a simplified video metrics interface last month but apparently there was still room for improvement, and page owners will soon be able to see daily breakdowns for any videos that they post.

The new metrics page is designed with checking stats on a daily basis in mind – before, page owners could see the total number of views and minutes that a video had been watched, but this new daily measurement allows content creators to see the ‘shelf life’ of their videos, i.e. which day they peaked at, and when engagement starts to decline.

The statistics measured on this new daily basis include minutes viewed, the number of views (a ‘view’ is defined by Facebook as a user watching a video for 3 seconds or more) and the amount of views lasting for ten seconds or more (this metric changes to the amount of people who viewed at least 97% the video if it’s less than ten seconds long).

Facebook are continually using feedback from page owners to update their services, and hope that improvements to their insights will allow businesses to cater for and target their chosen demographics more accurately and successfully. But what are your thoughts? Will this update help you plan your video posts more efficiently?

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