Recently, Snapchat has released a new AR try-on tool, allowing users to virtually try on clothes through the screen. Whilst still in the development stage, with a few improvements still needed, this new feature represents a big change in the way we shop online. A few other shops have begun to edge in this direction. Pandora offers Virtual try-ons for jewellery, and some makeup stores offer matching shades online. This allows users to see how products may look on them.


As a marketing agency Surrey, we take notice of these changes, and bring you the latest marketing tips and news. To find out more about how these features could change the future of online shopping, read on;


The Next Era Of Online Shopping 


The next era of online shopping is fast approaching, and with so many companies adopting new styles of marketing, it is no surprise that social media platforms are using this to their advantage. There has been a big shift in the way we consume media or find products, and platforms such as Snapchat are recognising this.


By collaborating with brands in the forms of filters, Snapchat is improving their user engagement and experience whilst marketing brands such as Off White. The heightened focus on the user experience is growing as businesses aim to become more accessible to a wider audience, meeting users where they are rather than the other way around.


Will There Be More Changes In 2022?


Undoubtedly, change is another inevitable part of marketing. 2022 will be sure to see these new features developed and pushed further. After the Covid-19 Pandemic, our marketing agency Surrey has noticed a change in the way consumers purchase products and services. We have all adapted to a more digital world, and this is something that likely won’t be shaken easily. The future is set to be technology focused. Being able to connect with customers from all over the globe is certainly a perk for most businesses. For more on how to market your products in a post Covid world, check out the blog here


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