As a full-service digital agency, the team here at Thunderbolt Digital like to examine the different methods available for those looking to engage in social media marketing Surrey, including the different social media platforms available to those wishing to start online content marketing for their company and building an online presence for their brand. We’ve spoken before about how Instagram is an under-appreciated platform, but we’ve noticed that Pinterest isn’t being utilised quite as much as it could be, either.

Even though pictures increase engagement on Facebook and Twitter, the messages behind posts to these sites are generally thought to be contained in the text – the text appears above the picture, emphasising this idea. However, this is flipped on Instagram and Pinterest, where the image is seen first when scrolling and the caption is there to complement the picture (as well as add the relevant tags to enable to post to be found!).

The good thing about Pinterest is that you can re-pin from other users and still manage to build followers even if any original content you post here is few and far between. When you do post your own content, remember that tutorials, how-tos and recipes do very well in terms of engagement as many use Pinterest as a resource, whether that’s as an inspiration board or a reference tool for later.

The downside of Instagram and Pinterest is the high quality of images on offer, meaning that you need to be on par with other pictures in your chosen tags or categories; a boring or visually unappealing image may not do much harm on Twitter or Facebook, but may have much more of a negative impact on Instagram and Pinterest due to their highly visual nature.

Our digital marketing Surrey team ensure you remember that you are attempting to appeal to the aesthetic side of people, and are trying to present a lifestyle – something for customers to aspire to, what life could look like with your product or service, or perhaps you are instead selling an image of your company. Whichever tactic you’re going for, remember to appeal to your target audience’s emotions using your pictures.

Of course, these platforms aren’t right for everyone and fit certain businesses more than others (companies that plan and attend events, or supply fabric, for example, are much better suited to Instagram and Pinterest than, say, a law firm).

If you’re feeling a bit confused about social media marketing Surrey and need some help, then Thunderbolt Digital are happy to be of assistance! With a fully in-house local team dedicated to working with you to achieve your online goals, our friendly team is committed to providing professional assistance and delivering results. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business, or have a project you’d like to discuss with us then get in contact today by emailing or calling 01252 413757 – we’d love to talk to you about your brand’s online needs.