Over the last two years, TikTok has made a tremendous comeback from its old identity ‘musically’. Once known as an app for lip syncing videos or dances, it has rapidly expanded to the point where you can find pretty much any type of content on the platform. The app is not only beneficial for entertainment or education however, it is also a great place for you to market your business. It may not seem like the obvious choice, and you may indeed be sceptical, but video content is hot on the rise at the moment. These short and easily consumed videos are a great way to get a user’s attention.  


As a social media marketing agency in Surrey, we stay up to date with all the latest marketing trends in order to bring you tips that can benefit your business. If you want to find out more about the TikTok algorithm, and how your business can utilise it, read on;


What Contributes To The TikTok Algorithm?


So, if you are considering marketing on TikTok, you are going to want to know what contributes to visibility. Here is what contributes to videos showing up in your audiences feed:


How Your Users Interact – The content that your user engages with is the content that will keep appearing in their ‘For You’ page. To make the most of this, use relevant hashtags and sounds that your target audience is engaging with.


Your Videos Information – This is everything from, content, to hashtags and captions. It is important to stay with guidelines at all times.


Your Device And Account Settings – This is to do with your region, language and privacy settings.


What Should You Avoid On TikTok?


Now that we have established what contributes to videos showing up in a user’s feed, let’s take a look at what should be avoided for high engagement.

Duplicated content – Repeated content won’t do well according to TikTok, so be careful about reposting the same videos and content over again.

Content the algorithm flags as spam – Excessive, unnecessary usage of hashtags that aren’t relevant, and other suspicious behaviour will be flagged as spam.

Potentially upsetting content – Again, anything that violates the guidelines will be quickly taken down. 


What kind of content should you be posting on TikTok?


You may now be curious about what content you should post, and the possibilities are endless. As a social media marketing agency in Surrey, we would recommend posting fun videos created by your team. You can also post insights and advertisements (in the guidelines) in order to use the platform efficiently. To read more about other social media platforms and which to use, click here.

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