As a social media marketing agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt knows the importance of using social media to extend your reach. Having a strong media presence can elevate your business to the next level, and we want to help you in your endeavours to grow your business come 2022.

Here’s a rundown as to why you should be start social media marketing coming into the new year; 


Get The Word Out


A social media following can help get the word out about your business. You may find that it opens up more opportunities for you. This can include promotion, sponsors and features on large pages relevant to your company. This will help your people see and remember your products, which is crucial to a successful business. 

With features such as sharing and re-sharing, you can spread messages very effectively and quickly. You can gain interest in your brand without pushing your product onto anyone. 


Engage Your Audience


An engaged audience will do wonders for your online presence and will help you stay relevant within the industry. Coming into the new year, there is heightened focus on putting the customer first and engaging with them on their terms. Social media updates coming in 2022 will enable businesses to connect and talk to their customers on a more personal basis. Platforms such as Facebook will be releasing products for more personalised experiences. To read more about what these products can do for your business, read the blog here from our social media marketing agency in Surrey.


Become More Trustworthy To Your Audience


Often, businesses can sometimes feel impersonal and indifferent when viewing them through a website.  Due to this, content is a key factor in how customers will perceive you, and whilst websites are amazing for showcasing what your company does, social media can act as a more friendly way to engage your audience. 

Through social media you can build up familiarity with your audience. You can reply to their comments, ask them questions, involve them in Q&A sessions and more.


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