As many of us know, marketing is the number one way to bring traffic to your website, and sales through your business. But with a plethora of ways to market, it’s easy to get lost in it. Our marketing and web design Surrey based team want to help debunk some well-known marketing myths, so you can build your brand and reach your audience the right way.

“I’ve built my website, I don’t need to do anymore.”

While a strong base is key for a website, it needs to be updated frequently with new information, and be refreshed as times change. Your website needs to reflect your brand. If the information is outdated and cluttered, people will view your brand in the same way. The key is to regularly update your website with relevant information and imagery while conforming to the best SEO practices


“The more content I post, the better.”

Not entirely. The more targeted content, the better. Posting about subjects that are not relevant to your brand or customers will not draw people in. Offer them exciting news about a leading discovery in your industry, a new product of yours, or how you can help them overcome something using your product or service.


“I already know my ideal client.”

Daily, our marketing and web design Surrey team delves into a world of analytics and social media to find out exactly who is interacting with your brand, and what makes them tick. And sometimes, it’s not who you’d expect. Using social media as a marketing tool allows us to reach out to those we didn’t know would be interested in the product or service, and convert them to a customer.


“I don’t need social media/a website.”

Before buying a product or service, most customers look at the website, then at the company’s social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the list goes on. They go hand in hand when we market to customers, and they go hand in hand when the customer is looking to buy. They’re both simple and easy ways for customers to find you, especially living in such a digital world. The harder it is to find you, the less likely they are to use your business.


“I need to be constantly promoting my business.”

While we want your business to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, no one likes to be bombarded. When creating content, think educational, inspirational, insightful, entertaining, and interactive. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, what would you like to see?

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