Our web designers in Surrey understand SEO and how it affects your digital footprint. To improve your website ranking via search engines, you must develop and grow SEO features. Listed below are key pointers to help you understand SEO. 





Implementing keywords and phrases into your website content makes it possible for people to find you through search engines. Websites with optimised keywords help connect web searchers to your site.



Keyword research 


Using keyword research tools can help you understand exactly which keywords you need to use for your site. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, as well as Google Trends, are helpful tools to explore what web users currently search. 





Linking can connect your website to others, as well as create bridges between web pages internally on your site. Google can assign authority to web pages with multiple, therefore promoting your search rank.



Site Speed


A slow page loading time can be frustrating for users and detract from their online experience. This can lead to users leaving your site and missed sales opportunities. Use PageSpeed Insights to test website and mobile loading speeds of your website. Use a web design agency in Surrey to create you a website which complies with the lighthouse parameters put forward in Google’s Page Speed Insights.



Meta Descriptions


A Metadata description is the description of your webpage that users will see on the search results. Ensuring this is well written and relevant goes a long way in attracting people to click through to your site and encourage further engagement.



SEO Plugins


If you’re using WordPress to build your website, an All-In-One-SEO Pack or Yoast plugins can help improve and monitor your SEO.



Website Analytics 


Analysing your website traffic data can help track your success. Using analytics shows if users are negatively no positively responding to on your site. Thus allowing you to make modifications to improve the websites user experience. Website analytics can track all traffic to your website no matter the source, so it can provide great insights for PPC Marketing against organic results, see our other blog for more information.



Social Media SEO


Social media provides social proof and directly affects your search rankings. Building an audience through social media helps create brand awareness. This creates an opportunity for a wider brand awareness on search engine results pages (SERPS).

Readable URLs

 Our web designers in Surrey believe that clarity is key! If users can’t understand or read your websites URL, search engines may also misinterpret it. 2-4 clear words make your URL easy to search and type.





Writing and regularly publishing blogs helps boost your SEO quality signals by showing that your website is constantly active and more importantly that you are an industry thought leader. This encourages potential customers to interact with your website in a non-direct fashion, which will lead to brand and product exposure. 


As you can see there is always room for improvement with SEO, due to its constantly adapting and evolving. To improve your digital marketing and web design in Surrey, focus on developing you SEO strategy and website quality to become the number one ranked website for your product or service in your search area. Give Thunderbolt Digital a call on 01252 413757 or email howdy@wearethunderbolt.com for any help you need with your SEO or web design.