When it comes down to your website, user experience should be your number one priority. With consumers being willing to pay more for an improved experience (86% according to ThinkJar), it is obvious that conversions are closely linked with the web experience you provide. A key ingredient to this is the communication tools you have in place to reach and support your customers once they are on your site. As a web agency Surrey, we believe in creating the best user experience possible every time – so, here are some of our brief tips for communicating with your customers;


Plugins For WordPress


WordPress is an incredible platform. Versatile, accessible, easy to use and durable – there is little you cannot do with a WordPress site. In the original WordPress plugin collection, there are over 25,000 plugins. These range from ones for design, to ones for email marketing, all the way to ones for e-commerce. Because there are so many plugins available for your site, you can optimise your communications to the maximum.

A great communication plugin to add would be a contact form plugin, or a plugin linking to social media. This is similar to a chatbot as it allows the user to seek answers independently and efficiently. This is absolutely vital in creating a good user experience.


Micro-Moments And Why They Matter


Micro-moments, according to Think With Google, are small but key points of contact. These are where a sale can either make or break. These tiny, sometimes easily overlooked touches, such as the functionality of a button, or a live chat, can make all the difference due to consumers having certain expectations pre-formed before they enter your site. 

Specific demographics will alter where micro-moments may occur. The general statistics stay the same, such as the fact that 96% of web users are also mobile users, looking for information via their phone. Majority of consumers nowadays prefer a text, or chatbot over a call or real sales assistant. This highlights how crucial a chatbot is for communication on your site. This allows the user independence and options that are easily accessible. To read more about chatbots, see here from our web agency Surrey.


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