Social media for business can feel like an impossible obstacle course at times, especially when you’re a beginner who has only used it for personal purposes, which is where trusted local agency Thunderbolt Digital comes in; we know all about best practice for SEO, social media, and digital marketing Surrey, and are well seasoned when it comes to helping SMEs out with their online woes! So, before you go charging in, or feeling like you’re in over your head, check out these three tips from us to help you get on your way on your online journey! Just remember to…

Use Videos

Yes, videos often take longer to produce than other types of content, but the reach and engagement rates surely make that extra effort worth it! Make sure to upload to Youtube as well as posting directly to your social media site of choice, as making use of embedded and native videos (instead of linking from Youtube) enables autoplay on your uploads, which is more likely to entice people to unmute and watch properly, especially if your video is well made!

Manage Your Resources

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, and assuming you post to each of them every two days and tailor the content for each one, then that’s a lot of content you have to come up with every week! It may seem to make sense to want to cast a wide net to try and attract as much attention as possible, but you’ll need to decide if you’ll want to sacrifice depth in order to pursue breadth – choose wisely!

For those looking to focus on depth, then ensuring that you’re only signed up to platforms you intent to use will make things easier on you (or your social media team); the workload will be more manageable and will feel less overwhelming.

Make a Connection

The clue is in the name here – it’s called social media for a reason! Whilst your ultimate goal will be conversations, what you post on various platforms should be a form of starting a conversation and engaging with your audience – in other words, being social! After all, customers don’t spontaneously decide to act with your brand out of nowhere, you have to make the first move (yes, it’s scary, but we believe in you! Now go out there and get ‘em, champ!).

If you’d rather leave things to the digital marketing Surrey experts, then you can place your trust in Thunderbolt Digital and rest easy knowing that we’ll help positively boost your online presence and gain your pages traction on social media. Book an appointment with us today and receive first class digital services, all you have to do is email us at or call our team on 01252 413757 – we can’t wait to speak with you!