Our Surrey marketing agency is here to help you navigate the changing marketing arena, and stay on track when it comes to business progress. With so many new changes coming this year, it is important to make sure your foundations for your marketing are solid. Here is a rundown of common marketing mistakes you should avoid this quarter;


You Don’t Know Enough About Your Audience


Tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads manager are both great for compiling data, day in-day out. Being able to analyze results that indicate what is going well and what isn’t. Maybe your product is getting more sales from a younger generation, instead of still targeting the minority of older people, focus more on advertising for younger people’s attention. 

You’re Not Being Personal Enough


Personalized experiences are on the rise, people want a genuine experience and connection. If you’re barely trying to create a unique experience for your audience, how can you expect engagement? With Facebook (META) introducing tools for more personalized experiences, now is the perfect time to get on board. Find out more from our Surrey marketing agency here.


You Aren’t Making The Most Out Of Social Media Marketing


A social media following can help get the word out about your business. You may find that it opens up more opportunities for you. This can include promotion, sponsors and features on large pages relevant to your company. This will help your people see and remember your products, which is crucial to a successful business. 

With features such as sharing and re-sharing, you can spread messages very effectively and quickly. You can gain interest in your brand without pushing your product onto anyone. 


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