As more and more of society transitions towards technology and digital solutions, blogging and other forms of articles can be very beneficial to your website and company. With around 4 billion internet users globally, there has never been a more ideal time to implement blogs to your marketing strategy. As a digital agency in Surrey, our team here at Thunderbolt strives to increase revenue and leads for businesses locally and nationally. 


Increasing Website Traffic

Who doesn’t want more website visitors? Now think like a customer that hasn’t heard of your brand before. Writing a blog about a question they may have could be the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity. Each time you create and publish a blog post, one more page on your website will be indexed which in turn means that there is another opportunity for your page to appear on a google search, driving traffic to you organically. Uploading blogs to your site regularly also indicates to Google and other search engines that you are active and frequent.


Lead Conversion Opportunity

Continually posting blogs to your site will also present an opportunity to convert the traffic into leads. Adding a call to action or a sign up now page may convert interested users into customers, providing things such as ebooks, webinars or trials in return for their information which you can then re-target. In short, it could work like this: User enters your site, views a call to action for a free offer, clicks the call to action directing them to a landing page, fills out a form with email addresses and their name. Using this data you could then add them to your customer mailing lists, or present them with new customer discounts. 


Improving Search Ranking 

Blogs that contain certain keywords can increase your search ranking. Using tools such as SEranking and Yoast can help you identify keywords and their search volumes related to your business. Google will pick up on these keywords, slowly starting to increase the rank at which your company’s website can be found from a Google search. Your blog may be based around a customer question to Google, if Google likes your blog it may even highlight some of the text allowing customers to see your website at the first result on the page. Read more about SEO here.


Building A Reputation

Investing your time in writing informative and interesting blogs is a great way to start building up a reputation in your field. Whether you are a window specialist or marine biologist, blogging regularly can quickly get your website name out to the world. Blogs are also the perfect way to spread the word about your services or products and why your company is different to competitors. You will start to see how much traction blogs can bring to your brand; sharing them on social media will then in turn bring new visitors to your site.


Improving Customer Trust

People trust in knowledge. Having a series of blogs all explaining different aspects of your business field not only shows professionalism but expertise. Providing helpful accurate content to the digital world will encourage discussions and improve customers’  trust in your company and what you claim you do when viewing your site for the first time.


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