Paid adverts are a crucial part of a strong marketing campaign in many circumstances. Whilst they are not always necessary or desired, paid adverts can give your business the boost it needs if it is struggling. Our Surrey marketing agency is an advocate for making the very most out of your marketing endeavours, read on to find out how we can help you get the most out of your paid adverts, whether they be social media ads, or PPC campaigns.


Making The Most Of Paid Social Ads


A/B Testing

This part is essential. As a Surrey marketing agency we know how important A/B testing is. And it’s something that we continually do. This is so important so you can learn what performs the best, and implement it in future campaigns. A/B testing maximises the chances of your success. Read more about A/B testing here. 


To optimise your ads, think about the headline. Is it as eye-catching as it could be? Is it misleading? Make sure the headline is clear in articulating what your ad is about. Make sure it’s relevant to the landing page that your ad links to. If your ad catches their attention, but they go to the landing page and it’s not at all relevant, they will simply leave. This will have negative impacts on the performance of your ad; as your bounce rate will increase, and your results will go down.


Making The Most Of Your Paid Search (PPC)

Pick your keywords carefully

Try to aim for 10-20 keywords per ad group (if you don’t know what this is, check out our other blogs for more information). This means that you are gaining a broad variety of people looking for your products or services, without getting too many irrelevant searches. Make sure to add negative keywords too as these can ensure that you are utilising all of your ad spend effectively, and can avoid unnecessary costs. Google will display your ad to anyone searching for this phrase, even if it has spelling mistakes, synonyms, slight variations or plurals, so try to avoid adding in unnecessary, overlapping keywords.


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