SEO is important, and there are always new ways in which you can use search engine optimization to boost your website traffic. 2022 is a new year, and therefore a brand new chance to increase your leads and conversions. It is best to get ahead whilst the year is fresh, and so our team specialising in marketing Farnham is here to give you some top tips;


Develop Your Content Based On Your Target Keywords


Your keywords should determine your content, not the other way around. A common mistake is creating content ideas without reviewing which keywords you are actually trying to target. To decide on keywords, conduct research first, finding out where you rank in comparison to your competitors for relevant search terms for your business. Once you have your list of keywords, you can start integrating these into your content, using them as building blocks in order to push your business up in all the right places for your target audience. For more on the benefits of creating optimised content for your website, read the blog.


Improve Your Meta Descriptions


As an agency for marketing Farnham, we can tell you that your meta description is very important. It is what will show up on search results pages, your chance to grab your audience’s attention, as well as presenting an opportunity for your keywords to be implemented. Therefore, your meta description can be optimised in order to boost your website traffic.


Optimise Key Headings And Titles 


Another way you can use SEO to boost your website traffic is via optimising headings on your website. These headings may show up in search results. So, it is important to make sure they are as optimised as possible in order to attract more website visitors. Hopefully you will then convert these visitors into customers. 


Your titles are so important as Google really takes them into consideration. Good titles are part of SEO best practice. They should be created early on in the content creation process as they are vital.  If your web pages show up in rankings but do not get clicks, Google will replace them with pages that do get clicks. Therefore, it is important that you are making sure your titles will attract visitors and boost your website traffic.


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