SEO is great for a variety of reasons, in fact, the benefits are endless. Whilst SEO is more of a slow-burn marketing technique, once an SEO campaign is up and running efficiently, your return on investment can significantly increase. As a Surrey marketing agency, we understand the importance of generating an ROI for your business, and want to help make this possible. With that in mind, here is how you can use SEO.


Types Of SEO


First of all, let’s highlight the types of SEO there are, and what makes them different from one another.


On-page SEO

On-page SEO essentially refers to everything that you do on the pages of your site that a visitor can see and engage with. Writing content such as blogs and regularly updating this, can help you to improve your SEO as well as increasing the quality of your users’ experience overall. To read more from our Surrey marketing agency on the benefits of writing blogs, click here.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO isn’t controlled by your page. External links are really valuable when it comes to search rankings. If your site is never referred to on the web, you are at a significant disadvantage. Links to your site are one of the top ranking indicators. A site with no links to it can still do well. However, ranking for competitive keywords is not likely if there is no strong off-page SEO.


Technical SEO

A cluttered back end system can make discovering your site by search engine bots incredibly unlikely, as your site performance is heavily affected by the small things on the back-end. 


So How Can This Generate ROI?


Utilising SEO can help generate ROI for many reasons. This includes increasing website traffic, improving ad performance, increasing conversions and reducing ad costs. SEO can help you rank higher in search results and beat out competitors. This is important when over 50% of users will click one of the top five results. 

As your ranking gets higher, in turn you will end up gaining more website traffic, which then hopefully leads to more website conversions if your web design and user experience is strong. 

Once you are generating leads from your SEO, this means that you can cut down on advertising costs and PPC, saving you money. All of these factors combined mean that your ROI will be increasing over time.


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